September is Special

Happy September!

I don’t know about you, but there are different times of the year when I more or less do an assessment of my personal life … is definitely just before the New Year, another is with the change of the Seasons, and in particular the beginning of September which is upon us all too quickly at the moment.  What new and exciting should I bring into my life this Fall?  I’ve been searching and assessing, but no decisions.  They will come at some unexpected moment.

We have our Gay Pride events behind us for the season – Vancouver Pride, New West Pride, Surrey Pride, our Annual Summer Salmon B’Q.  Thank you to everyone who actively participated and a vote of thanks to those, who once again hosted our B’Q for the 15th time.  Last evening was the wind up of the Gay Film Festival and if you have not attended, seriously you have  missed out big time.

Attendance at our Monday meetings continues to expand…..the more, the merrier!

Till, next month, Happy September.