October Is a B00-tiful Time of Year


Happy Fall and Halloween…..

As I gaze out my window the maple trees in view are being painted by Jack Frost, and appear a more vibrant red each morning. may be a tad early to say Happy Halloween, but it is time to think of that costume for our Annual General Meeting on Oct. 29th. I rescued mine the other day and will air it for the next few weeks while I will be away….could not have anyone be overcome with the aroma of moth balls. the fun……I hear there will be a prize for the best costume voted by those in attendance!

You have read we are working on a revised Hominum website….the cost of which will be covered by our appeal for anonymous donations from members and friends of Hominum. ask for your support…. any donation, no matter how big or how small, is appreciated. would like to have your suggestions for input of content……perhaps you have seen something you favored in another site and found particularly useful which in some way might be applicable to our site.

Each and every member and friend of Hominum is welcome to contribute to the overall content of our support group. , our organizer of Monday meetings would very much appreciate any idea of topics you would like to see covered. speakers are always appropriate and if you know of someone, please pass the name along to George. course, we are always looking for hosts and offers are very much appreciated.

Have a good month and we look forward to seeing YOU on October 29th….