December- Have you been a good boy?

Hello everyone…..

It is early morning on December 1st and I had best take my fingers over this keyboard or Mr. Editor will be writing a letter to Santa Claus and he won’t be telling him he has been a good “boy”, but rather that I have been naughty (but nice) in not writing my Christmas message to you.  This special season creeps up on us more quickly each year as we advance in age and I think we have to make a concerted effort to “get with it” despite all the commercialism we see every day.  Regardless how you might celebrate this time of year, I hope it is joyful for you.

New and exciting happenings in the New Year are in the offing for Hominum.  Our aim is to bring an awareness of Hominum to more men every day.  We have been steadily growing in weekly meeting participants and in view of the lesser number of members being able to accommodate meetings and furthermore the unavailability of sufficient space in member homes, in January we will be having the first meeting of the month in New Westminster.  The third Monday of the month in January we will meet at downtown,  same time as usual – 7:30 pm.   Watch the newsletter for details on the other Monday meeting locations.

Watch for an announcement for our newly revised website.   It is taking more time than originally expected, but we want to make sure we have the best possible content.

Early in the New Year we hope to announce a second “Moving forward” program coordinated by HIM (Health Initiatives for Men) in co-operation with Hominum.  This personal growth program will follow a similar format to last year.  Please spread the word among your friends and suggest they contact HIM for registration priority – first come, first served!  It is anticipated the program will fill up quickly.

We are exploring the possibility of a new project for Hominum.  We are all aware that care facilities for aged queers (and I use that term, because we as olders need to become better acquainted and accepting of that all-inclusive term) is non-existent other than integrating in day to day society.  We hear on a regular basis the acceptance among the other residents is not necessarily the friendliest.  Furthermore, the staffs of these residences are not sufficiently trained in acceptance of the integration.  That’s where we would like to come in this milieu ….that of working with residence management in promotion of a better acceptance within the community.  We will keep you posted!

We keenly look forward to a new Hominum year in January and in the interim, Merry Christmas and Happy New year,