Valentines Gay

Gay HeartHappy Valantines Gay Boys.

Well, guys, our Chair is on leave for the next four months so you’re stuck with me for the ‘From the Chair” spot.  Although I don’t get to attend as many meetings as I once did, I still hear things, good and not-so-good.

We’ve been having good attendance at meetings. Something that has come up, is how we’re acting at meetings.  There is a line in our credo that reads “What is discussed is of a delicate and personal nature and must be respected and held in confidence.  It seems that we are forgetting about ‘must be respected’.  There is more and more cross talk happening.  Your Coordinator is your discussion leader.  When he is speaking or being replied to, it is not respectful to have a separate conversation with the guy next to you or across the room.  Not only is this disrespectful to the Coordinator but also those in the group trying to follow the discussion.  We allow lots of time after the meeting is over, to have personal conversations so let’s try and leave those conversations until the meeting is over.  Another matter that has become problematic is the use of cell phones.  We do ask that cell phones be turned off during the meeting.  However, if, for some reason, you are expecting an important call, when your cell phone rings, excuse yourself and leave the room to have your conversation.  This way you are not disrupting the flow of the meeting and you are being ‘respectful’ of the Coordinator.  Last but not least, please ARRIVE ON TIME!  It’s very distracting to everyone to have someone come into the meeting after we have all been introduced and have to interrupt the flow with another introduction (Even if you know everyone).

OK, guys.  I think that’s enough ‘preaching’ for now.  Please give this all some serious thought eh.  One last item.  February 27th is PINK SHIRT DAY to counter bullying.  Check out