A looking back to the 80’s

Vancouver Pride way back when LOL

A selection from the photographs of Maxwell Victor Woolfrey Baker, known as Max Baker (March 23, 1945 – June 18, 1990). The collection shows public and private gay and lesbian events in the mid-late 1980s, include the 1985-88 Pride Parades, Vancouver Sea Festival 1987, 1990 Gay Games & a few others. Max Baker was born in Botwood, Newfoundland on March 23, 1945. He graduated from Mount Allison University with a B.A. and then worked in Ottawa with the Government of Canada in the Department of (then) Indian Affairs. He eventually took a transfer to Vancouver in the same department. A keen photographer, when Max died his photograph albums passed to Gary Gilbertson, an organizer in Vancouver’s gay community who was instrumental in raising awareness and funding for AIDS. It is likely that the photographs of the Gay Games were taken by Gary rather than Max. After Gary Gilbertson passed away in 1993, the collection passed through various hands in the Vancouver LGBT community, each of whom was eager to preserve what they recognised as a valuable record of their community in the 1980s. The collection was exhibited at Mole Hill Community Housing Society in 2019, and donated to the City of Vancouver Archives in 2020. If anyone requires any information about the collection, please contact Mole Hill at admin@molehillhousing.ca

A view of the distant past and the event.

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