Kayaking on Stave Lake

Stave Lake lie on the eastern edge of Mission District. It is 30km long, the main lake being 21 and the west arm 9 km. We have kayaked the main lake for a bit (boring, mountains straight into the water.) We are now kayaking the west arm, it has gravel beaches, sand beaches, inflow from mountain streams and a few “fjords” to explore.

Some videos I created. It was 10 separate videos, compiled and then compressed into 3 videos.
I have attached the link to my youtube page, to save the data load on Hominum.

There are 2 copies of part 1 of 3……one with music and one without.
My videos can be seen here, Alouette River, Pitt RIver and Stave Lake.

My youtube channel-mainly kayaking

Time to get active

Well with the warmer weather finally arriving (at least I hope so) its time to drag the kayaks out and start getting a little exercise.

The video is taken on a local creek (Kanaka Creek Riverfront park) with a friends son. About 3 hrs round trip at a nice leisurely pace with a stop for snacks.
The instrument is a duduk (doo-DOOK) or tsiranapogh (ծիրանափող in Armenia) is a double reed apricot wood woodwind instrument native to Armenia


My Coming Out/Getting Outed

Adrian Schuurman-a personal view

I recently re-posted an article on coming out on hominum.ca

So what was it like for me?

Pretty mundane LOL

I didn’t reveal myself to the world until I was 38 although I am sure many wondered.  It was the same time that I sobered up and beat my alcoholism. 

When I sobered up I realized that I am who I am and nothing else matters.  I don’t need to live by someone else’s standards or expectations.  It was a revelation and started me on a new path. Continue reading “My Coming Out/Getting Outed”

Vrolijk Kerstfeest

Or in plain English Merry Christmas and 300+ other languages.

Afrikaans Geseende Kerfees en ‘n gelukkige nuwe jaar
Ahtna C’ehwggelnen Dzaen
Albanian Gëzuar Krishlindjet Vitin e Ri!
Aleut Kamgan Ukudigaa
Alsatian E gueti Wïnâchte & E glecklichs Nej Johr!
Alur Wafoyo Kado Oro & Wafoyo Tundo Oro manyeni
Alutiiq Spraasnikam & Amlertut Kiaget!
Amharic Melkam Yelidet Beaal
Amuesha Yomprocha’ ya’ nataya
Angami U kenei Christmas mu teicie kes a u sie teicie kesa u sie niepete keluo shuzaie we
Apache(Western) Gozhqq Keshmish
Arabic I’D Miilad Said ous Sana Saida
Aragonese Nabidà! & Goyosa Añada benién.
Aramaic Edo bri’cho o rish d’shato brich’to!
Aranés Bon Nadau!
Arawak Aba satho niw jari da’wisida bon
Armenian Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Janunt
Aromanian Crãciunu hãriosu shi unu anu nãu, bunu!
Asturian Bones Navidaes & Gayoleru anu nuevu!
Assamese Rongaali Bihur xubhessaa lobo
Ata Maroyan na Pasko woy kaopia an ng Bag ong Tuig kaniyo’t langon mga sulod
Aukan Wi e winsi i wan bun nyun yali
Aymara Sooma Nawira ra
Azeri Tezze Iliniz Yahsi Olsun
Bafut Mboni Chrismen & Mboni Alooyefee
Bahasa/Malaysia Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru
Bamoun Poket Kristmet & Poket lum mfe
Banen Enganda ye hiono mes & Hion Hios Hes
Bandang Mbung Mbung Krismie & Mbung Mbung Ngouh Suiie
Basque Zorionak eta Urte Berri On!
Bassa Ngand Nwi Lam & Mwi Lam
Batak Karo Mejuah juah Ketuahen Natal
Bemba Kristu abe nenu muli ino nshiku nkulu ya Mwezi
Belorussian Winshuyu sa Svyatkami i z Novym godam!
Bengali Shuvo Baro Din Shuvo Nabo Barsho
Bhojpuri Naya Sal Mubarak Ho
Bicolano Maugmang Capascuhan asin Masaganang Ba gong Taon!
Bislama Mi wisim yufala eerywan one gutfala Krismas & mo wan hapi New Year long
Blaan Pye duh di kaut Kristo klu munt ug Felemi Fali!
Blackfoot I’Taamomohkatoyiiksistsikomi
Bohemian/Czech Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a Stastny novy rok
Brahui Arkas caik xuda are
Breton Nedeleg laouen na bloav ezh mat
Bulgarian Chestita Koleda i Shtastliva Nova Godina
Bulu Duma e bo’o
Bura e be Zambe e Usa ma ka Kirisimassu
Catalan Bon nadal i feliç any nou!
Cantonese Seng Dan Fai Lok, Sang Nian Fai Lok Continue reading “Vrolijk Kerstfeest”


The Inheritance of Shame details the six years author Peter Gajdics spent in a bizarre form of conversion therapy that attempted to “cure” him of his homosexuality. Kept with other patients in a cult-like home in British Columbia, Canada, Gajdics was under the authority of a dominating, rogue psychiatrist who controlled his patients, in part, by creating and exploiting a false sense of family. Told over a period of decades, the book shows us the damaging repercussions of conversion therapy and reminds us that resilience, compassion, and the courage to speak the truth exist within us all. The author exposes the wounds of his youth and how the therapy he sought out to heal them caused even graver harm. “Remembering this brings me peace,” concludes Canadian writer Gajdics in his debut memoir, which lays bare the psychological fallout from personal trauma most everyone close to him urged him to forget. The youngest child raised in a strict Catholic household, at age 6 he was sexually abused by a stranger in a school bathroom. Though Gajdics was plagued by nightmares and panic attacks, his mother’s stoicism and father’s domineering demeanor prevented him from sharing his trauma. Prior to immigrating to Canada, both his Eastern European parents had survived the ravages of World War II at great cost: the author’s mother spent 34 months in labor and death camps, and his father lost his family early on; both looked to pass onto their children an unquestioning faith and silence as coping mechanisms. As he grew up, the author’s pain and guilt resulting from the abuse and its repression were only compounded as he realized he was gay. Turning to sex as a means of escape, Gajdics was soon ostracized by his family and left Vancouver to pursue writing. In 1989, seeking to quell his inner turmoil, Gajdics had the misfortune of being referred to Dr. Alfonzo, a crackpot clinician who believed he would “revolutionize the field of psychiatry by being the first psychiatrist to find a cure for homosexuality.” Much of the power of the author’s courageous account derives from his unsparing depiction of the years of horrifyingly degrading “primal therapy” that rendered him “an emotional bulimic,” his body “an earthquake” he felt “trapped inside,” as Alfonzo stripped him of his autonomy with an unorthodox, toxic mix of psychotropic drugs. Writing through his slow recovery not only led to Gajdics’ self-acceptance, but also helped his parents to open up about the atrocities of their childhoods as well. Raw and unflinching: a powerful argument against conversion therapy as well as for the healing power of memoir.

Great-Grandfather Comes Out As Gay At 95

A great-grandfather has come out as gay at the age of 95, saying there are “certain things I want the world to know”. American Holocaust survivor Roman Blank has two children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild, but last year finally gave up the secret he had been holding for decades. Now he is the subject of the documentary ‘On My Way Out’, directed by his grandson Brandon Gross. Continue reading “Great-Grandfather Comes Out As Gay At 95”